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How to find your way to, and around, the Monikie, Scotland area.

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Scotland 1641 - 1892

The villages of Monikie (pronounced "MON-EE-KEE") and Newbigging about two miles to the South, and the surrounding area form a lovely rural setting about 11 miles north-east of Dundee, Scotland's fourth largest city.  The area is situated almost in the centre of a triangle formed by the ancient former burghs of Dundee, Arbroath and Forfar.  We are very near to Carnoustie and many other world famous golf courses.

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Monikie is well known for its excellent facilities - please checkout the links, or use our Site Search Engine - take your time - there's plenty to see!

You can see/print a timetable of  services to/from Monikie and district, in PDF format HERE.

You are welcome to visit MONIKIE in person (click the local business button above for accommodation) and the following maps will help you find your way there.

Local routes to the Monikie area


Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey

(Original base version of this image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland)


Find the 'hotspots' (red) on the two village maps below which are of interest to you for further link/s.

Try clicking on the 'hotspots' in red for more

Satellite view of Monikie Village, Craigton of Monikie, Kirkton of Monikie and nearby.

.. and another

Try clicking on the 'hotspots' in red for more

Newbigging Village and Area Map

Aerial view of Newbigging

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There you can find the 'hotspots' for even more photographs!

Taken from above Affleck Castle looking south-east over Monikie Village towards Monikie Country Park, also Craigton and Kirkton of Monikie.

Taken in 1953 from above the Panmure Testimonial, looking northwards over Craigton of Monikie towards East and West Hillhead Farms.

Click here for a larger view of the Monikie area, with 'hotspots'. Click here for a larger view of the Craigton area, with 'hotspots'.

Below - 'Flying' towards Monikie Country Park, the former reservoirs can be clearly seen.
The colour photograph above was taken from a position to the North (lower left) of that below,
whereas the monochrome photograph was taken from the South (top right) of the one below.  

An aerial view from the West - use zoom for larger view.

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Try this mapping site - good detail -   Look for postcode DD5 3QA

To help you find your way around this area here is an old sketch map (326k) of Angus and Kincardineshire showing parish and some place names, . . .

. . .or you could link here to the GENUKI interactive parish map of ANGUS which shows reference codes and links to parish webpages and neighbouring former counties.

For more golfing and other information about this part of Eastern Scotland check-out the tourism pages.

My interactive, panoramic view from the top of DUNDEE LAW - OK, it's very little to do with Monikie!

. . or nearer to 'home', New Year 2002, a panoramic view from Carrot Hill, near Monikie.

The following section from a very old map is well worth a look to see if you can find place names which are there today, but with very different spelling.  Look for "K. of Moniky" - Kirkton of Monikie (with the kirk graphic alongside); "Kromy B." - Crombie Burn: "Krachy" - Craichie; - "Craigtoun, Brumwell and Auchin..." Castle can be seen centrally.  "Newbiggin" can be seen to the lower left.
The map is lying more on a NE to SW axis or even more so (than the normal N - S axis) and it is obviously not an accurate representation as on maps of today.  this makes it more 'fun' to find the places!  
You are strongly advised to visit the National Library of Scotland website of origin at for other Pont maps, and lots else besides about Scotland.

 Crown Copyright - National Library of Scotland

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Click here for a very much larger version of Ainslie's 1788 map.

A selected area of Ainslie's 1788 map of the Monikie Parish and parts of adjoining parishes.  Be warned that this graphic file is VERY LARGE (1269 kb.) and can take quite a while to download - it is worth the wait.  The map can be enlarged to view at higher resolution for clarity and better detail.  A copy of the complete full-scale original map can be found in Montrose Library, Angus, Scotland (and elsewhere).  Click the image alongside to download the map.

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